At Flyt we do lots of POS integrations. But we also can provide a universal format so that any POS provider can do the integration themselves without waiting for our roadmap.

At the moment, we support POS providers integrating into our Menu and Ordering products.

Integrating your POS system into Flyt consists of implementing three endpoints on your system. One for reading data from menus, a second one to create new orders, and a third one to send those orders to the kitchen.

If you already have an existing API and you would like us to integrate instead, please email us at integrations@flyt.io and our team will be happy to work with you on it.

To integrate with Flyt, as a POS provider you have map between the data and service contracts that your APIs provide, and the universal data and service contracts that Flyt will provide to you.

This makes sure that any requests from merchants for services or applications that have already been integrated with Flyt, can work with your POS system at zero integration cost.

At a glance

  1. Create a healthcheck endpoint so that Flyt knows your POS is online.
  2. Map your menu into the universal format (items, modifiers, options and deals) by using the /webhook/ordering/site/{siteId}/menus endpoint
  3. Implement the creation for new orders (with any fulfilment type) by using the PUT /webhook/ordering/order endpoint
  4. Implement sending an order to the kitchen by using the POST /webhook/ordering/order/{order-id} endpoint

Integrate your POS